Coronavirus and Diabetes Resources: Community Partner with Beyond Type 1 UPDATE

Coronavirus Update

A few months ago, Diabetes Research Connection announced its partnership with Beyond Type 1, a nonprofit organization that unites the global T1D community and provides solutions to improve those lives. This partnership includes sharing resources for handling a number of problems anyone, especially T1Ds, may face during this pandemic. Click HERE to see their most updated information on topics such as all the information a T1D might need to know about the vaccine (click HERE to view that topic specifically) and ways you can help other countries like India, a country that has the 2nd highest rate of T1Ds and T2Ds in the world,  and who are currently experiencing the sharpest increase and largest amount of COVID-19 cases seen so far during this pandemic. Diabetes Research Connection is honored to help spread the word for such a fantastic resource as a community partner.

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