An Interview with DRC’s Fully-Funded Researcher, Peter Thompson, and Beyond Type 1

DRC Researcher Interview Beyond Type 1 Interview with Peter Thompson Ph.D.

A couple of weeks ago, one of DRC’s previous researchers, Peter Thompson, Ph.D., spoke with Beyond Type 1, another non-profit organization, about how he became a T1D researcher, the work he did with DRC, and where he is going in his career. Peter worked with DRC in 2017-2018 on a project titled, “Regrowth of Beta Cells with Small Molecule Therapy,” that you can view by clicking HERE.

In this talk with Beyond Type 1, Peter touches on the reasons for becoming a T1D researcher, which included wanting to find a way to handle this disease that isn’t limited to just insulin. He also mentions having friends and family with the disease and how he wanted to help as he has seen the burden T1D has on those affected by it.

Peter continues by talking about how he found DRC and how he was excited to find this organization as many other T1D research non-profits don’t fund early-career scientists like himself, “For a lot of people who are just starting out, if you’re training and you’re looking to go into an academic career, if you’re working with ideas that are very new, and different, and pushing the boundaries, there’s not a lot of places you can go with those ideas to get funding.”

Now, Peter has started his own lab at the University of Manitoba and part of the Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He recently received his first external grant funding from the Manitoba Medical Services Foundation (MMSF) and plans to do much more work in the world of T1D research!

Click HERE to view the full article and video of Peter’s interview with Beyond Type 1!

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