Our Vision: To support innovative scientific inquiry
until diabetes is eliminated.

The Diabetes Research Connection is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization headquartered in San Diego, California. Established in 2012 by five tireless proponents of diabetes research, our mission is to connect donors with early-career scientists enabling them to perform peer-reviewed, novel research designed to prevent and cure type 1 diabetes, minimize its complications and improve the quality of life for those living with the disease.

Currently 1.25 million Americans live with this autoimmune disease, including 200,000 children. Approximately 40,000 new patients are diagnosed yearly. Despite these numbers, funding for diabetes research has declined. Of the funding available, 97% goes to established scientists.

Scientific breakthroughs often emerge due to the inventiveness of early-career scientists. Albert Einstein revealed his theory of general relativity at 26. Banting & Best discovered insulin before they turned 33. Imagine our world today if these scientists had not received funding for their research? These young scientists have exciting new ideas however, mainstream funding rarely supports them, so their ideas simply can’t off the ground…until now.

We grant up to $50,000 to support each research project.

How it Works

Scientists from across the country submit their projects through our website. Members of our panel of more than 80 of the leading diabetes experts review each proposal for innovation, value and feasibility. These established scientists donate their time and expertise to encourage the next generation of diabetes investigators.

The time from application to funding can be as few as 6 months, compared to over a year for other funding agencies. 100% of our research funds will go directly to the scientists. To ensure transparency, each researcher provides updates on their project and posts final outcomes on our website.

Support comes from tax-deductible donations made by individuals, corporations and foundations. Donors have the power to select the research project or projects they wish to fund from an array of peer-reviewed proposals posted on our website.

Ordinary people making extraordinary efforts is what changes the world. Your support may very well be what unlocks the diabetes puzzle that continues to plague millions of people.