Kraemer Family Update


Remember Hayden!? His story was featured in our 2019 organizational film, “Connect for a Cure,” which debuted at our 2nd annual Del Mar Dance for Diabetes. In this impactful interview, when asked if he believes a cure will be found for him, Hayden responded, “No, probably not when I’m around.” 

Many of our supporters and community members have been asking how are Hayden and his family doing? We received an exciting update to share with everyone. Hayden is now 9 1/2 years old and in 4th grade doing distance learning. He’s doing good but missing regular in-person schooling. His diabetes is managed reasonably well, and his parents have been giving him more responsibility to take care of it. 

During National Diabetes Awareness Month, Hayden’s family, creators of I’m Greater Than, a clothing company that was launched after Hayden was diagnosed, engaged in a daily social media challenge. Hayden’s mom, Jenn, shared facts and statistics to raise awareness of this autoimmune disease. In one post, she shared, “This diagnosis changes your views, your ambitions, your path, your whole life. Our family is closer than ever, and although we will not let this diagnosis define us, we have embraced it and will fight it every day.”

This inspiring family also opened the doors to a new restaurant in Beaumont, CA, called Batter Rebellion. If you live close, stop by and try one of their “ROCKtails” or feast on one of their decadent menu items!


Kraemer Family

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