DRC’s 2020 Virtual Events

DRC 2020 Virtual Events

It is safe to say that 2020 has been unlike any other year. That being said, DRC’s goal for this year has been to find new ways to connect with our community. DRC has had several virtual gatherings ranging from research updates to DRC’s 3rd Annual Dance for Diabetes. If you would like to view them, they will be posted below in order of the date that they took place.

Reducing Stress in Times of Uncertainty with Felise Levine Ph.D. 4/28/2020: View it Here.

Exciting Update on Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Research with Vincenzo Cirulli Ph.D. 5/19/2020: View it Here. 

Ask Me Anything: Dr. Moore and the Long Road of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Care and Discovery with Daniel Moore Ph.D. 6/23/2020: View it Here.

Beyond Stem Cells: A New Paradigm for Regenerative Medicine with Duc Dong Ph.D. 7/14/2020: View it Here.

DRC’s 3rd Annual Dance for Diabetes Virtual Party: View it Here.

Preserving Retinal Cells Survival with Anne Hanneken M.D. and Frans Vinberg Ph.D. 11/10/2020: View it Here.


Although this has been an interesting year, we continue to find creative ways to connect with our community. We are looking forward to 2021 and having these exciting updates and events in person!

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