Introducing Our New Type 1 Diabetes Resource Center

type 1 diabetes resource center

As an organization devoted to making a difference in the lives of those with type 1 diabetes and their caretakers by funding innovative scientific researching into ways to treat, cure and prevent T1D, it’s important to us that we’re supporting those with T1D in any way we can.

In a recent survey sent to our donors, we learned that 89% felt that there is a lack of education about living with the disease, and another 89% felt that there is a lack of education about current type 1 diabetes research. 55% of those we surveyed said they felt a lack of emotional support, and 77% said they felt that the people they interact with on a daily basis don’t understand what type 1 diabetes is. Perhaps most astounding, 100% of those we surveyed agreed that there is a lack of type 1 diabetes awareness among those not living with the disease.

Additionally, we found that our donors would like to learn more about living with type 1 diabetes, and that they especially wanted to learn more about current research being done into preventing, treating and curing type 1 diabetes.

To help meet this need for diabetes awareness and education, we’re proud to present our new type 1 diabetes resources center. We’ve scoured the internet and curated the best resources we can find for those with T1D, parents and family of those diagnosed with T1D and anyone else interested in learning more about the disease.

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Find the Type 1 Diabetes Information and Resources You Need

In our type 1 diabetes resource center, you’ll find links to all the information you need, including:

  • A basic overview of type 1 diabetes
  • Information about the true cost of type 1 diabetes
  • Tips for managing type 1 diabetes or supporting a loved who with diabetes
  • Where to find support online
  • Food and fitness tips, including delicious diabetic-friendly recipes and great workouts
  • Information about what puts people at risk for developing type 1 diabetes
  • An overview of current type 1 diabetes research
  • Ways to get involved in diabetes research

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For more information about the type 1 diabetes research we’re helping to fund, check out our active projects.

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