Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine Shows Positive Results

T1D Vaccine

In an effort to prevent or delay the onset of type 1 diabetes, researchers have been striving to create an effective vaccine. One of the challenges is that there are many different subgroups of type 1 diabetes, meaning not all patients respond the same. A recent study found that patients who had a specific human leukocyte antigen (HLA) showed a “positive and statistically significant dose-dependent treatment response” to the Diamyd vaccine, especially when given four doses rather than two.

Compared to patients who received a placebo, those who received a higher number of doses of the Diamyd vaccine had a “statistically significant treatment effect of approximately 60%” within 15 months. These findings may help to advance the development of antigen-specific immunotherapy options for individuals with type 1 diabetes leading to improved treatment or management of the disease.

Diabetes Research Connection (DRC) is interested to see how this vaccine continues to evolve moving forward and what it could mean for the prevention of type 1 diabetes in the future. Though not involved with this study, the DRC provides early career scientists with funding necessary to conduct novel, peer-reviewed research projects around type 1 diabetes in an effort to improve understanding, prevention, treatment, and management of the disease. To learn more or donate to a current project, visit http://localhost/drc.

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