Why The Diabetes Research Connection?

The Diabetes Research Connection was established by a group of experienced diabetes researchers who were concerned over the scarcity of funding for innovative, discovery-stage science.

We created a crowdfunding platform to connect ambitious early-career research scientists with potential donors so they could launch innovative diabetes research projects as quickly, and with as little bureaucracy, as possible.

The Diabetes Research Connection facilitates up to $50,000 in seed funding to young scientists to perform one-year-long experiments in the categories of Cure, Care, Complications or Prevention. Scientists who manage to establish proof of a concept are positioned to leverage it to apply for larger grants from major funders.

This crowdfunding model empowers donors to influence the direction of diabetes research, diabetes prevention, and a type 1 diabetes cure while providing a platform for young scientists to promote and pursue innovative ideas. Through social networking, we connect investigators with sponsors – hence the word “Connection” in our name.

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