Where is Diabetes Research Connection headed in 2019?

Where is DRC headed

Since 2015, we have funded 17 innovative, peer-reviewed type 1 diabetes (T1D) projects and distributed $700,000 directly to early-career scientists, building a pipeline of talented T1D researchers. In partnership with our community, the main initiative in 2019 is to raise $300,000 to fund 4-10 of the most promising T1D research projects.

This year, we want to complete our $1M research campaign and accomplish the following goals:

  1. Continue to fund the most promising and innovative science that will advance the continuum of T1D research for a cure and ways to better care for those with the disease.
  2. Be a catalyst in changing the paradigm for how diabetes research is currently funded in the U.S.
  3. Publish new research project findings online and in respected journals to advance the industry.
  4. Ensure transparency by allowing supporters to choose which research they believe to be the most promising and may eliminate this disease.

Since 2015, 100% of funds designated for research went directly to the scientists’ lab. We are committed to continuing this in 2019.

For a summary of the accomplishments in 2018, click here. We will update you throughout 2019 on the progress of our $1M research campaign. We believe it takes a community to connect for a cure and together we make the difference!

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