Frequently Asked Questions

Each research project on this site has been thoroughly vetted for novelty and scientific merit by our Scientific Review Committee (SRC). Our SRC is comprised of 80+ diabetes experts, including directors of major diabetes centers across the country.

These established scientists recognize how difficult it is for young researchers to secure funding for most projects. They volunteer their time and share their expertise to encourage innovative diabetes research.

FAQs applicants

FAQs for Applicants

Find information about what we do, how to begin the application process, and what researchers can expect during the review process.

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FAQs donors

FAQs for Donors

Find information about who we are, how we are different, how to support a project, and how to make a donation that truly makes a difference.

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FAQs reviewers

FAQs for Reviewers

Find information about our peer review process, grant information, and details for members of the scientific review committee.

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