A New Approach to Diabetes Discovery

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Welcome to the Diabetes Research Connection, the first nonprofit to use crowd funding to enable innovative diabetes investigations.
  • We give early-career researchers the opportunity to innovate in an environment where conventional research continues to win most of the available government funding. We give people affected by diabetes an opportunity to make a uniquely personal impact in the fight against this disease.
  • We use the expertise of more than 70 top diabetes researchers to assure that projects approved are MERITORIOUS and INNOVATIVE.
  • We have no employees, so our overhead is minimal. Donations go to science, not operations.
  • We publish ALL research results, because they add to our body of knowledge.
  • Donors can choose the research projects they wish to support.  Not only do donors know EXACTLY where their contribution is going, they can follow the scientist’s progress throughout the investigation.
Imagine being in on the ground floor of a major discovery!
Diabetes Research Connection Logo

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