11-year-old Pounds the Pavement for Type 1 Diabetes Research

noah barnes

Although our understanding of type 1 diabetes has improved greatly over the years, it is still a condition with no known cure. Individuals must still monitor their blood sugar day in and day out to ensure that it is at a safe level. This often involves the use of insulin, glucose tablets, and carefully tracked diet and exercise.

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at just 16 months old, Noah Barnes, now 11 years old, decided that he wanted to make a difference. He had watched a documentary about Terrance Fox, who raised awareness and funds to fight cancer by running across Canada even though he only had one leg. This inspired Noah’s goal to trek across the entire United States doing the same for type 1 diabetes.

He convinced his father, Robert Barnes, to join his cause, and the two of them set out from Florida at the beginning of the year to fight for a cause that is so close to their hearts.  Together they have walked day after day, not giving up.  As of the end of August, they had reached Utah, more than 2,000 miles from where they started.  They have gone through a combined nine pairs of shoes but have raised more than $22,000.  Their final destination is Blaine, Washington.  If they make it, they will join the ranks of just 267 others who have walked across the United States, and Noah will be the youngest to have completed this journey.

The father-son duo is determined to raise awareness and funds to one day find a cure for type 1 diabetes.  Even after their trek across the United States is finished, their mission is not. They’ll continue to fight for the cause and be advocates in other ways. Noah answered the call to be a Gamechanger from the Diabetes Research Connection. To support his goal and advance type 1 diabetes research, visit his Gamechanger page.

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