Robby’s Story: Hoping for a Solution through Research

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 12 years old. My older brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes previously, so my family was quite familiar with managing type 1. Upon receiving this diagnosis, my parents looked at type 1 diabetes as simply something that was an inconvenience and nothing more. It was never that big of a deal and I was healthy, so I played competitive tennis and have been very active and health-conscious throughout my entire life.

I followed the standard American diet when first diagnosed and received care from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. While in middle school I started to change my diet. Then in high school I stumbled across a book which planted the seed in my mind that if I took better care of my body, my body’s own stem cells could create insulin producing cells and I would be able to discontinue insulin. So, I went on a mission to do absolutely anything it took to give my body the best chance to heal itself over the past 11 years. I remain on a whole food and most fruit diet as these foods are packed with nutrition, in hopes that that those nutrients will support healing.

Early in this process I hit a plateau of insulin sensitivity / insulin usage. I don’t think my theory of my body healing itself and producing its own insulin is as easy as I hoped it was going to be! However, I am a constant learner and am passionate about helping those living with diabetes. I am very curious to dig in deeper into the world of type 1 diabetes research. I would like to speak with the early- career researchers at Diabetes Research Connection in order to ask them a long list of questions I have. I am living healthfully every day, trying to help find the way to reverse type 1 diabetes, but for now I manage it on a daily basis. I’m very much aligned with DRC’s mission in finding a solution to type 1 diabetes and believe research can truly be the answer! You can learn more about Robby by visiting his website

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