What Is The Role Of The Reviewer?

All reviewers are selected by Diabetes Research Connection’s Internal Scientific Committee and its Board of Directors. Our 80+-person Scientific Review Committee is comprised of eminent diabetes researchers. Our Layperson Committee is a group of well-informed non-scientists who have diabetes themselves, or have a family member or friend who is affected by the disease. Together, these committees provide rigorous peer-reviews to assure our donors of the scientific validity and exciting potential of the projects they hope to fund. Diabetes Research Connection reviewers foster the connection between young scientists and donors.

Our reviewers offer valuable skills and expertise to make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s mission. If you are an established diabetes researcher, you are naturally concerned about the continuity of exploration in your field – and you know how difficult it is for young researchers to secure funding for anything beyond the most conventional projects. If you are someone who is affected by diabetes, you look at innovative investigations as a source of excitement and hope.

Applicants for Diabetes Research Connection grants are the next generation of innovators, and you have the power to make a positive impact on their future. This is your chance to leave a legacy, to make a difference. We are deeply grateful for your participation.

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