The Review Process


Your one-page Letter of Intent will be reviewed by a Scientific Review Committee (link to roster), a group of top diabetes experts. They will assess your basic concept for NOVELTY, SCIENTIFIC MERIT and FEASIBILITY.

If your Letter of Intent is approved, you will be asked to submit a three-page Grant Application. We may occasionally pass along constructive input received during the Letter of Intent review that you may find useful in perfecting your Grant Application.


A three-person Specialist Advisory Panel, comprised of selected members of the larger Scientific Review Committee who are experts in your specific area of inquiry, will review the Grant Application based on the NOVELTY, SCIENTIFIC MERIT and FEASIBILITY of the science proposed, as well as your ability to perform the study.

If more than half of the reviews of your Grant Application are positive, you are invited to raise the funds you need for your project. You will then create a Website Presentation.


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