How Does The Review Process Work?

There are three phases to our review process.

When Diabetes Research Connection receives a one-page Letter of Intent, we screen it for completeness and then send it electronically through our grant management system to all members of our Scientific Review Committee for a Phase 1 review.

Every member of the committee is asked to read the Letter of Intent and approve or reject it based on the quality of the basic concept.

If the proposal is approved, it proceeds to Phase 2 where the applicant is invited to submit a detailed three-page Grant Application.

In Phase 2, we select three reviewers who are specialists in the applicant’s area of investigation to independently review the Grant Application. These specialists approve or reject it based on the NOVELTY, SCIENTIFIC MERIT and FEASIBILITY of the proposed science, as well as the applicant’s ability to perform the study.

If the proposal is approved by two out of three reviewers, it is approved for funding and proceeds to Phase 3.

In Phase 3, approved grantees create a website presentation to “sell” their idea to donors. Members of our Layperson Committee – people who represent our donor demographic – work with scientists on their presentations to be sure that non-scientists can comprehend them and will be inspired to donate to them.

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