Grant Amounts

Grants range from $25,000 up to $50,000 for one year.
For the time being, a small group of generous donors is absorbing Diabetes Research Connection’s overhead costs related to research projects. Scientists will receive 100% of total funds raised!
Due to the small size of these grants, we limit the amount your institution takes for overhead (IDC) to 10%.

Grant amount requested: $50,000
Institutional overhead (IDC): $ 5,000
Spendable budget: $45,000

Budgets should include expenditures on salary, consumables, equipment, IDC (maximum 10%), etc.

Diabetes Research Connection does not support travel, meeting registration fees, professional memberships or publication costs.

Some of the funds may be used for salary; if you provide evidence that your salary is fully covered by other sources, all of your funding can be used for research expenses.

Please justify equipment purchases that will exceed 10% of your budget.

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