How does Diabetes Research Connection differ from other organizations that fund diabetes research?

We give early-career scientists the opportunity to perform innovative, discovery-stage diabetes research for which seed money is scarce.

Many diabetes sufferers and their loved ones express that they feel powerless over this disease. We empower donors to influence the direction of diabetes research by inviting them to select the research they wish to support from an array of meritorious, peer-reviewed proposals. A project that you sponsor could be the very one that precipitates a major breakthrough.

Donors are kept in the loop, from the time they donate all the way through to project completion.
Our application process is considerably shorter than most – a project can be approved in as little as 12 weeks. A group of donors has offered to pay the organization’s overhead. As a result, 100% of funds that you donated to projects go straight to our researchers. We post all research outcomes because they add to the body of knowledge about diabetes.

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